Being an Introvert – Is that so bad?

That's me exactly right now with my best friend (my dog): For many years in my life I have thought that I am weird and something is wrong with me. Socializing was not my priority nor the speaking. It was much more easy to listen and observe and do the things on my own. In most of my childhood and later on I felt guilty about that. Still in some moments. It was a big releaf when I started to work with my therapist and found out my very own. There was nothing wrong but an introvert:)

It can be hard for your friends or family to live and connect with an introvert person. They eagarly want you to be a part of crowded parties, weddings or even holidays. For few days it can be bearable but when you reach your limit of socializing, there is no way keeping it go. Being sick is a matter of minutes. You turn off all buttons and roll on in your deep.

For many of us, it is much more easy to work in our own. Being not interrupted and not speaking is definitely a bonus:) So please help us with not asking questions. Just be there and know that we are normal. We just prefere to listen to and observe instead of talking and partying.

Do we know well our children personality? Do I know well my son? How many of us prefere to ignore the quiets? My parents certanly  were not knowing that I am an introvert. That was not their fault. It is just a fact. The introverts exists, the extroverts also. No need of arguing which personality is best. Just accept each other. That helps and makes it easy:)