Lynn the Scotish Canadian

What does it mean? I know it; being free, being crazy, fearing less, loving adventures, more questioning  less obeying, studying hard, laughing a lot, being yourself. Crazy and lovely woman! Makes me smile when think about her:)

I met her at work. She was the “choosen” english teacher in our company. I remember herHave a self-service spot for kids who were absent.: wearing the same sandals for 3 years and the same clothes also. She was doing it in very simple way.  Away from the craziest shopping influence.  But she was crazy about exploring, turkish foods and her friends.  That was the picture we see each week for a day only but the impact was obvious. Teaching in simple way, not insisting of being perfect and just telling us to forget the grammer and concentrate of doing more mistakes. More mistakes were equal to more communication. Right!  That was the most simple trick I have ever seen and I loved it. She was flowing with life but determined for knowledge. Learning was her style. She was living her dream. Courages, involved in what she is doing and touching her studends lives with joy. How I miss her talks about religion and this kind of things. She was questioning  and looking for the right. Always searching for better and the simple way of going the things.

She went home back last year and  began studying italian after her sixties:)  I love the picture she left behind. Smiling, positive, crazy, courages to have her own desicions and keeping the things simple. Nothing complicated. She was one of the influencers in my life. Thank you Lynn :))