About finding your passion…

It is not an easy way to find and define what is you passion about. Many of us are doing jobs that do not satisfy us but just feeds  or help to keep the line on. The same is valid almost for each field in our lives.There are tons of articles explaining how to find it but why any of them do not work when you feel like you are close to  catch it? This is because we are not same and not each common rule works well with that. Swimmer by Dieter Braun. Great explanation of the free-style stroke!!:

The walk is the hard part of finding your passion. It is a long, disruptive and for human nature misfortune, endless. Each time when you think”that‘s it!” something new pops in like a freaking jog.The simple translation of finding your passion is meeting up the challenges. To many reasons, some of us prefere to step back but some of us just keep going and founds that there is nothing to fear. The life still continue and you are little more strong and acknowledged about yourself. Some people tell it mindfulness, self-consiousness and there is nothing wrong with that  but I do prefere to say it awarness or awaikaning because we are deep asleep in most of our lives and know only the things that societe taught us. Till the momemt when something or somebody switch on the hidden button. Still we can pretend that everything is ok but feel deep in us that something is not in ease.

Of course you can study on your own and many introverts prefer it but the touches of already awaikaned one can help you to rid each stone on the path with more confidence and safe. There is not a promise that you can find your passion at the end but sure is that you will know what you want to do and not, which is the part of being in peace with yourself.  So why to not step back and look at ourselves. For some of us that may be scary but now for sure I know that fear is the biggest barrier of finding our passion. After 43 years of being born. Ha!

This is something like swimming. Keep going and after few months you will have an idea about how to float..